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Here are some of our more frequently asked questions.

Questions About Our Offering

This seems too good to be true, why again are you offering such high returns?

We’re offering such high returns because it’s almost impossible to start a medical marijuana business of any kind without a ton of money, which our team currently doesn’t have.

You can’t borrow from traditional banks, as marijuana is still federally illegal and anytime you even approach the subject, the bank shows you the door.

Traditional venture capital either just starts the business themselves, or they demand a high percentage of the entire business, which we do not want to give away. By starting utilizing the crowdfunded Purchase, Lease, and Get Paid model we developed, it allows us to scale beyond the funding we’re able to receive, while only ever paying returns on the initial funding. We would much rather give away a 25% royalty on the first 100 Cans than a 25% equity share on the entire 1,000 Can farm once it grows to be that large.

What happens after five years?

Five years after your equipment begins production, we’re given the opportunity to purchase the equipment from you for a total sum of $1 / Share, or return the equipment to you anywhere in the United States.

We anticipate purchasing all equipment after the lease period, however, if we insist on shipping it back to you, it’s yours to do what you want with.

Why is this better than just weed stocks or other traditional investments?

Awww, we’re glad you think we’re better than other investment avenues, we do too, we just can’t legally say we are. Anyways, we think we are better than traditional investment avenues for a few reasons.

Ownership and Security
Your $4,999 purchase buys you actual physical equipment, not a percentage of a percentage on a piece of paper. If for any reason we completely fail, or heck you decide you want to start a marijuana farm, that equipment is still yours and the only lost value is depreciation.

Even better, your assets are yours and you’re a secured creditor. They cannot be taken by any other creditors that could come along. If you were to invest $4,999 in traditional investment avenues, you’d receive pennies (if anything) if the company had to be liquidated as secured creditors would get paid before you.

We’re extremely upfront when it comes to how you get paid, when you get paid, and why you get paid what you get paid. You have 24/7/365 access to your assets and their performance from anywhere utilizing our exclusive Lessor Portal. Traditional investments provide a quarterly report, normally. Our portal pulls data every 15 minutes from our state-mandated and tracked seed-to-sale tracking system, just for your use.

We understand that money is the only thing this comes down to. There is nowhere else you will receive a guaranteed* 100+% annual return on your money, with no effort. This is only possible when we build it ourselves without taking traditional bank and venture capital in an industry that is just becoming legal. We’re excited to see what we can build with the other 75% of the sale, so excited that we’re very confident in giving up 25% of it in exchange for having no equipment costs.

With your help, we’ll build the next generation of cannabis, one that allows people of any kind to profit off the new legal era of cannabis, one that doesn’t restrict the legal business to only those who have millions like PA, one that doesn’t put hundreds of thousands of people behind bars for doing what the 1% does every single day.

We can do it, with your help.

Questions About Purchasing

What payment methods do you accept?

We require an initial deposit of $500 / Share via Credit or Debit card at the time of Sign Up. Once you have completed your sign up form and submitted your initial deposit, your application is sent to our Lessor Relations team for initial processing. A Lessor Relations rep will call and email you within 24 business hours to complete the sign up process and provide instructions for making the remainder of your payment.

Our current payment options for the remainder payment are Wire Transfer, Credit / Debit card (3.5% fee applies), or Certified Check.

What happens after purchasing?

Within 24 business hours of your purchase, a Lessor Relations rep will reach out to thank you for your business, answer any questions you may have and gather any additional information to complete your lease agreement. Once all the information is gathered, they will finalize your Purchase and Lease agreement and send it to you for review and e-signature. You can Click Here to view a sample.

Once your Purchase and Lease agreement is complete, your Lessor Relations rep will provide you with account information for sending final payment for your Share(s). Please ensure to verify that this information comes from a email address. You can also Click Here to verify our current account information. Please obtain the password from any email requesting payment.

After payment is made, we begin sourcing, purchasing, and constructing your shares. This can take anywhere from 30-90 calendar days. We build this time into our payment guarantee delay to allow time for growth prior to the guarantees becoming effective. You can track the status of your share at any time in our custom-designed Lessor Portal or by reaching out to Lessor Relations at any time. Right when your Share(s) are constructed and online, you’ll be able to view the 1080P IP camera connected to each.

What is your refund policy?

Once your Purchase and Lease agreement is signed and complete, there are no refunds of any kind.

Questions About Us

Who even are you?

Legally, we’re SAC KTF Container Holdings LLC, a Delaware LLC.

But, really, we’re a team of business professionals from a variety of different business sectors to include high technology, automotive, and business outsourcing.

Do you have experience growing marijuana?

While our team has no official experience growing marijuana, our team has successfully executed harvests from seed to packaging.

In addition to our unofficial marijuana growth experience, our entire team is complete with professionals ranging in skills from application developers to licensed electricians. Numerous team members have successfully brought companies from seed to over a million dollars in annual revenue.

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